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Topics: Introduction / Pages: 9 (760 words) / Published: Sep 9th, 2014

MGF1010 Marking and Feedback Sheet for Essay (Assignment 1) Student Name:


Title for essay. Introduces the topic in an interesting
& appropriate way. Defines the objective & content of the essay. Provides a perspective on the issue.


Body: (Do not use this word as a subheading)
May include a few headings for different sections and themes. Each issue under investigation is explained specifically. Arguments/viewpoints supported by evidence from reference material, data or examples. Logical progression of ideas.
Demonstrates a high level of quality research into the topic utilising the textbook plus 6 or more relevant sources of good quality and variety.
All aspects drawn together in a brief, concise summary. Consistent with findings, no new material introduced but may finish with some implications or a comment on the future of the issue. Presentation:
Quality of expression, grammar, spelling, punctuation and proofreading.
Format and layout in professional manner – including assessment cover sheet.




Use of author‐date (APA) referencing system in a consistent and correct manner in the essay itself.
Inclusion of an accurate reference list on a separate page listing only the sources that have actually been used. The reference list is arranged in alphabetical order according to the authors’ last names.


ID number:


Less than 50%

Pass 50‐59%



High distinction
80 ‐100%

Inadequate with no introduction of the topic and/or no objective and scope for the essay stated.

Some introduction of the topic and some statement of the objective and scope but not well expressed.

May not have addressed the issues in relation to the essay topic or the

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