Com 470 Week 3 Individual

Topics: Prison, Dispute resolution, Nevada Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Conflict Diagnosis in the Newspaper


January 28, 2013
Ken West

Conflict Diagnosis in the Newspaper

“In conflict resolution, the first objective is to determine the root cause of the conflict through a conflict diagnosis.” (Hawk, 2013, p.1). Conflict diagnosis is a process used for understanding disputes, interpersonal conflicts, and the like. This is achieved by following the basic steps of conflict diagnosis: mapping out the conflict, identifying the source of the conflict, identifying each participants position and basic need, characterizing the conflict, analyzing the level of trust, identifying the barriers to achieve agreement, assessing negotiation styles of the parties, determining the position of power of each party, developing each parties BATNA (Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement), and choosing a dispute resolution process(es) to the dispute resolution. Such understanding allows for one to appropriately respond to a conflict in a clear and concise manner. Conducting conflict diagnosis allows one to strategically address the conflict by following a process, and developing a strategic plan that is appropriate to resolve the conflict. News Article

Dennis Billow, owner of Billow’s Custom Embroidery & First Responders Uniforms in Carson City, Nevada, recently contacted the Governor for the State of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, to bring a very sensitive, yet concerning situation impacting his business to the Governor’s attention, and to ask for help. Billow’s Custom Embroidery & First Responders Uniforms provides embroidery, silk screening and uniforms for local first responder agencies (such as law enforcement) as well as local businesses, and individuals. Mr. Billow recently discovered that he was losing business to an unexpected competitor – the State of Nevada’s prison system. Mr. Billow contends that he is faced with unfair competition in this field by the State’s prison system providing the same...

References: Hawk, D. (2013). The steps of conflict diagnosis. Retrieved January 28, 2013 from
Robison, M. (2013). Carson business owner complains to Gov. Sandoval that prison labor is undercutting him. Retrieved on January 28, 2013 from:
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