COM 285 Final Exam B

Topics: English-language films, Black-and-white films, Pension Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: October 30, 2014

In this paperwork of COM 285 Final Exam B you will find the next information: 1. Is the subject line "Improving Customer Service" appropriate in a message to superiors? 2. In a bad-news message to subordinates, why is it a good idea to ask readers to suggest solutions to the problem? 3. Which is an appropriate way for a subordinate to begin a message to her supervisor letting him know that the company has been fined due to safety violations in their department? 4. In a bad-news message to a superior, you should describe what led to the problem: 5. You must explain to a group of employees the different pension funds they can now choose. You expect the group to have many questions because many of them will be retiring within ten years and want to maximize their retirement income. You should probably: 6. A presentation designed to entertain and validate the audience is a(n): 7. Which of the following purposes of an oral presentation is specific in its purpose? 8. Which of the following patterns of organization is characterized by a movement from the problem as it affects the organization to a discussion of the parts of the problem and solutions to each of these parts? 9. You are writing a report that recommends renovation projects in several buildings on your campus. The most appropriate organizational pattern would be: 10. If after completing your research you cannot prove the claim you originally hoped to make, which of the following is NOT an acceptable way to deal with the results? 11. Which of the following would NOT be related to a discourse community in a factory? 12. Which audience has political, social, or economic power; pays close attention to the transaction between you and the primary audience; and may base future actions on its evaluation of your message? 13. For which of the following business messages would it be appropriate to approach the...

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