Com 155 Week 8 Assignment

Topics: Homeschooling, McGuffey Readers, Alternative education Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Most of the revisions in which WritePoint highlighted had to deal with certain words which were spelled incorrectly or omitting words entirely. It did not catch the incidents in which I used “you” or “your.” It was an effective tool to use because it caught simple words that I misspelled or used the wrong tense. With the plagiarism checker report I had a similarity rating of only 6% and it had to with my exact references. I found it interesting to see how the plagiarisms checker would work because this was the first time I used it. Both of these tools were helpful in pointing out the references I might have missed or the errors I did make.

Each of one of my topic sentences directly addresses the thesis statement as well as state the topic. My thesis statement discusses the benefits of public education outweighing the disadvantages of home schooling, the topic sentences in each paragraph focus on the benefit of a certain part of public education compared to the disadvantage of home schooling. For example, in the paragraphs discussing the sociological development of the student the topic sentence states “public school offers a child many outlets for social development compared to home schooling’s limited channels.” Comparing how public education has many outlets for students whereas home schooling only has a few. For the closing of the same paragraphs it does reinforce the main point by stating “the benefit of being able to socialize with those who have commonalities will only help the student evolve instead of having limited interaction with peers that is associated with home schooling.”

The essay does seem to be coherent and flow from the beginning to end. In my initial feedback there was not a reference to the essay not being coherent. The order of support is logical and effective. I chose to list the topic in order of importance starting with the most important of discussing academics and ending with family needs. Each topic...
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