COM 155 Assignment Identifying Errors in Writing

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This file of COM 155 Assignment Appendix D contains: Identify Twenty Errors in the Passage Below Computer Science - General Computer Science

VBScript IP File Lab


In this lab, students will complete the following objectives.

·  Create a VBScript program using NotePad++.

·  Write a two-dimensional array of IP addresses to a text file.

·  Read the IP Addresses text file into a script.

·  Append new Room/PC/IP address data to the text file.

·  Use the object Scripting.FileSystemObject.

Element K Network Connections

For this lab, we will only need to connect to vlab-PC1 . The computer vlab-PC1 is the computer on the left side while vlab-PC2 is on the right. If you leave the cursor on the PC icon for a few seconds, a tool-tip message will appear indicating the hostname of the PC. Open  vlab-PC1 and log in as Administrator with the password password .


Lab Overview
We are going to start our lab with the same two-dimensional array of IP addresses. Rather than accessing this array of IP address using the room and computer index values, we are going to write the array of IP addresses to a Text file named IP_Addresses.csv where each line of the file will contain the Comma Separated Values (CSV) for room #, computer #, IP_Address . We will then write a separate VBScript program that will append four new lines of data that will represent the four computers in the new room 106 to the IP_Addresses.csv file. Lastly, we will open and read the newly appended IP_Addresses.csv and display it contents in a meaningful way.  

Note: All captures must be text only — DO NOT capture the NotePad++ application window or the command prompt window. Use copy and paste of text only.

Task 1: Download and Open IP_ArrayFile_start.vbs in NotePad++

·  Open NotePad++ and from the menu, ...

Complete course guide available here -

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