Com 150 Week Outline

Topics: Nipple piercing, Body modification, Tattoo Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: October 13, 2010
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Appendix D

Topic Outline and Thesis Statement Guide

What is your thesis statement?
Tattoos and body piercings, while not for everyone, they have come a long way.

I.First main point- Tattoos and body piercings date back to over 4,000 B.C. A.Supporting details- A known Iceman Otzi found in 1991 with tattoos and body piercings. 1.Sub details- Otzi was found with tattoos of simple dots and lines. 2.Sub details- Are thought to be of a medical or spiritual healing process. B.Supporting details- Earlobe piercing is the oldest type of piercings found. 1.Sub details- Otzi was found with piercings in his ears. 2.Sub details- They were stretched to seven to eleven millimeters in diameter. II.Second main point-How tattoos were first given was a long and painful process A.Supporting details-A rake shaped tool was used to give tattoos 1.Sub details- it was dipped in ink or dye then was tapped into the skin with a flat tool 2.Sub details- the rake was made of bone, stone, or wood. B.Supporting details- A plain rod with a flat surface was also used. 1.Sub details- The tool would scratch the skin

2.Sub details- Ink would be rubbed into the skin; it would heal then reveal a tattoo. III.Third main point-Today machines are used to tattoo
A.Supporting details- Tattoo artists use was is called a “tattoo gun” 1.Sub details- They are made of a motor, needles and strings. 2.Sub details- There are many versions of “tattoo guns” B.Supporting details- There are many people that make tattoo equipment at home 1.Sub details- They are made of a cassette motor, guitar sting and a needle 2.Sub details- These are commonly found in prisons and jails. IV.Fourth main point-Body piercings are used to decorate the body, show strength, and rituals A.Supporting details- Ear piercings were found in tribes to ward off demons 1.Sub details- they metal...
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