COM 150 Week 2 Assignment The Writing Process

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This document of COM 150 Week 2 Assignment The Writing Process shows the solutions to the following problems:

For this assignment, you will choose from the following options:
Business - General Business
Week 1 Complete

The Management Science Process. The Management Science Process consists of 1) understanding the problem, 2) building a representative model, 3) solving the mathematical model and, lastly, 4) monitoring/communicating the outcome. Discuss this process and the importance of each. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Defining the Problem. When is management science generally applied? What kinds of problems do management scientists face? Provide an example of a “problem” an organization you have been involved with has faced that did, or could have benefited from a management science analysis. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. 

Week One Problems. Complete Problems 11 through 25 at the end of Chapter 1 using the Greeting Card Sales.xls Excel file on the CD-ROM accompanying the text. Submit to your instructor. 

Week 2 Complete

Agriculture Problem. Review problem 12 at the end of Chapter 2 in the text: Frank Hurley is a farmer with 250 acres on which he wishes to plant wheat and corn to maximize his expected return for the season. For crop rotation purposes he must plant at least 50 acres of each crop. He can participate in a federal program that will require him to produce at least as much wheat as corn. Under this program, he is guaranteed to earn $150 per acre of wheat planted and $200 per acre of corn planted. Alternatively, he can opt not to participate in the program, in which case he projects he would make only $125 per acre of wheat planted and $184 per acre of corn planted. What would you recommend to Frank?

Based on the output, what key points would you recommend t...

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