Columbus The Last Voyage

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Spain Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Columbus the Last Voyage
This film tells the story of how Christopher Columbus went on his many voyages to find and discover. However, this films tells the truth about his voyages not only discussing his successful trip of find the Americas but the other voyages as well. In these voyages he was not successful these trips were instead marked by disaster, accusations and of course betrayal. Columbus was still on the hunt to a fast route to Asia throughout this voyage he faced many troubles having to abandoned several voyages due to horrifying weather. Columbus was also a fierce captain of his voyages which resulted in mutiny and him being stranded on an island. His voyage finally ended with him going back home empty handed without a route to Asia.

We only know a very little about Columbus other than he discovered the Americas. We do know that he was actually on a quest to sail west to China rather than sailing east. Columbus wanted to find a faster route to Asia to get to spices and riches they had and bring them back to Europe. However no one wanted to fund his expedition but Spain, they were interested in this voyage to get profit and be the first to find a new course to Asia. And we all know what happened with his expedition, instead of getting to China Christopher Columbus discovered the new continent of the Americas. In the film they discussed very briefly who Columbus encountered once he reached the Caribbean islands but from our notes we know that he met the Taino Indians. Once Columbus met the Tainos he used his technology and brute strength to terrorize the Indians. Not finding the route that was promised to the Queen and King of Spain he still needed to repay them for his voyage so Columbus began to explore new money opportunities. Once Christopher Columbus met the Taino Indians he saw that they had gold, so he began to steal their gold and using the Taino Indians as slaves to retrieve this gold. This terrorizing of Indians became a reoccurring theme...
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