Columbus Museum

Topics: Drawing, Dress, 20th century Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Cultural Event: The Columbus Museum.
I went to the Columbus museum today and I am truly glad that I went. Not only is it a nice date spot but I was actually taken back by the pieces in the museum. There is three floors and I began on the second floor. The first part of the museum I went into was the American art section complete with sculptures, paintings, fashion pieces, and even home decorum. The characteristics of the painting are surrealism, realism, and abstract styles. I noticed some paintings’ stokes were very broad and free while other paintings were short and precise. The colors in the paintings set the mood of the work as whole. Some paintings uses live, vivacious colors, while other paintings used pastels and blending colors. Understanding art is a process. I sat there and started at the pieces trying my hardest to understand the message of the works. Eventually I would rely on the little information tab next to it, but art is just a whole new language of its own. There was one painting I found interesting because while other paintings were on canvas, this one particular painting was on flat wood with charcoal. I took a closer look and at the charcoal strokes and it was part charcoal and part drawing. Another piece I enjoyed was the display of the women’s dresses. There was a wedding dress and two other dressed of the early 1900’s. It was interesting to see the stitching and the style of the period. In the early twentieth century the women’s dresses were embedded with intricate design from ruffles to beading. The most sticking piece in the entire museum was called “Mother Earth” by John Bernard Flannagan. This was the most moving piece to me. The artist created the piece as a reflection of his orphan childhood. The sculpture was a child sitting on his unresponsive mother’s lap (Flannagan.) This piece was so interesting to me because of the pain it exuded. Clearly the piece speaks of his pain from his lonely upbringing and the poor relations with...
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