Columbus Invaded or Discovered the West Indies?

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Americas, Caribbean Pages: 4 (1823 words) Published: January 28, 2013
After 1655, Animism was destroyed in the West Indies. The cause of this was not natural, or preferred, but rather coerced by other humans. What are the differences between “discovering” and “invading”? Discovering is defined as determining the existence or presence of something, whereas, invading means marching aggressively into another’s territory by military force for the purposes of conquest and occupation. In this essay, I will be extending very acutely into this issue, identifying the reasoning behind this case, so that I can easily be able to express my judgement on, Columbus discovering or invading the West Indies, with indomitable evidence. People believing that Columbus discovered America due to several different inferences: firstly, Columbus verified that the world is circular, by sailing west to the East Indies, instead of east. He travelled west due to the fact that he was considering for a rapid trade route to Asia and to arrange transportation more profitable. Also, to take spices and gold for Spain, in order to influence King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. “Earth is sphere, not a flat circle like most people believed at that time.” Columbus glanced this in the Bible, believed it and then set out to gain fame. Odd that no one ever seems to elaborate on the Bible’s accuracy, in this account. Secondly, holding a connection with the rest of the world also symbolises that it’s a discovery. People permanently migrated from Europe to America, due to the communication among the Monarchs and Columbus. Even though Vikings, scrutinized the North America coast, 500 years before Columbus, their achievement was not publicly knowledgeable, which is why Columbus receives all the credit. Not only Columbus maintained a connection, he held an active connection with the Monarchs in Spain, by travelling four times to the new world and a solid financial connection ($7,000) between Columbus and the Monarch by borrowing several numbers of ships (Pinta, Nina and Santa...
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