Columbus and the Caribbean

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Columbus came to the New World for a variety of reasons. A few of these reasons included: wealth, converting non-Christians and to prove the theory of the earth being round. On Columbus’ journey to the New World he had actually set out on his project that he called “Enterprise of the Indies”. In this project he had set out to reach east by sailing west. Columbus wanted to prove the theory of the earth being round. Now Columbus’ journey was mainly based on the works of Ptolemy. If Ptolemy’s works had proved right then Columbus could reach the Indies by sailing west. Ptolemy’s theory of the earth being round was correct but he missed the New World in his predictions and so Columbus was unable to reach the Indies. Columbus had thought he had reached the Indies, and so in himself he had proved the earth being round.

Secondly, Columbus was on a mission to spread his religion. Europe was a Christendom nation and the church governed society. If Columbus was able to convert non-Christians he would be blessed by the church and this was considered a great honour. It was also important because Spain would have a bigger and unified nation. This would make them take control of lands previously owned and lead to recognition and power for Spain. They would also have a greater influence on the world. Finally, The Indies were considered as a rich region and so when Columbus had set out on this journey he was in search of wealth and countries such as China and Asia were considered to be very wealthy. They offered a variety of things that were thought of as luxury. Examples include: silk, spices, jewellery, ivory, cotton etc. On this journey his task was to discover a new trade route to India as all these things were sold at an affordable cost. Being able to find an alternate route would allow for Spain to trade frequently and easier. The goods could be sold at cheaper prices and Spain would get recognition and wealth which would also be meant for Columbus as he would have...
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