Columbian Exchange

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Josh Noble
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Columbian Exchange
The Columbian exchange was important to our society today, because without it there would not be America like we know it today. The native Americans, Spaniards, English, and the Africans play a great role in starting the Americas. The Native Americans have no nation state, each tribe has their own language, no organized trade routes. Spanish do not bring their families to settle with them, and why is this important? England created the original 13 colonies.

The Native Americans had no nation-states, were loosely defined and spoke several hundred different languages. This would have negative consequences for the Native Americans, and they would be easily conquered by the Spanish and English. Furthermore, geography dictated their lives and there was no dense concentration of population and few institutional structures, depending whether the tribe was settled or nomatic. This would accelerate their demise. The Iroquois Confederacy-a nation state-would withstand the European onslaught longer than most and would contribute to the United States Constitution. On a positive note, the Native American livelihood would expedite the Columbian exchange through farming methods such as crop rotation and genetically engineered crops. Over 3/5 of crops grown today across the globe originated in the Americas. However, this would not be enough to save the Native Americans from the diseases and death that would reduce their numbers dramatically.

The Spanish do not bring their families to settle with them. This results in few permanent settlements in what becomes the United States. Therefore Spain will not be able to populate the New World like the English will. The Spanish will intermarry with the American Indians, but not in great numbers. A new culture--the Mestizos-- is formed and this helped to begin a cultural globalization. The modern world exists in a state of cultural, political, and economic globalization....
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