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Climate of Colombia is characterized for being tropical and isothermal as a result of its geographical location near the Ecuador presenting variations within five natural regions and depending on altitude, temperature, humidity , winds and rains. Each region has an average temperature throughout the year, only the presentation of variables determined by precipitation during the rainy season caused by the Intertropical Convergence Zone . The Colombian people historically originated after mixing between Spaniards and the people of this territory since the first were part of the colonization of this southern territory in the sixteenth century. Since then, a number of cultural groups began to be born with a set of customs , costumes and folk dances. Within costumes projecting into the regions that make up the Colombian territory , we have: The Chapolera . This is a very typical and representative throughout the Andean region of Colombia character . A woman with a huge black skirt wearing ribbons of different colors that decorate clothing stamped accompanied by a variety of festive colors such as " tutankamen " fabrics. The Chapolera connotes wealth, status and own the best of the time. Its as white as a dove, with a square or round neckline sleeveless including panties, or bands letines bodkins , blouses are some of the most important characteristics of national costumes . Sanjuanero suit. This costume is also characteristic of the Andean region of Colombia . The costume consists of white blouse Sanjuanero made with lace and sequins , the same that is fitted waist , a skirt of different colors is decorated with oil painted or stamped silk flowers. The men 's costume is simpler. The male costume consists Sanjuanero hat , white shirt with buttons down the center and decorated with lace , and black pants or white. Costume Santander. Within costumes Colombian peasants excel santandereanos of peasants. This costume consists of straw hat to be hand painted and decorated...
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