Topics: Colombia, Francisco de Paula Santander, President of the United States Pages: 4 (971 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Name of country in English: Colombia

Name of country in Spanish: Colombia

Map of country and capital w/ surrounding countries:

Info about when country was founded and how it happened:
Columbia was first discovered by Spanish explorers. It became a Spanish colony after its discovery in the early 16th century. It remained a Colony of Spain until the 1800's. However, there were several rebel movements during this time against the colonization of the Spanish rule, however, these movements were not successful. However, the eventual liberation of Columbia was a result of a similar rebel movement that spread all around the country. It resulted in its independence from Spain in the year 1819. Rebel leader Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Paula Santander played a key role in the independence of Spain. Thus, Simon Bolivar became the first president and Francisco became the Vice President

Picture of the flag:

What does the flag mean (pictures/colors):
There is no official meaning of the Colombian flag; however there are two popular theories on the meaning behind Colombia's flag's colors. One states that the yellow symbolizes sovereignty and justice; the blue stands for nobility, loyalty and vigilance; while the red represents valor, honor, generosity and victory through bloodshed. The second interpretation states the yellow stands for universal liberty; the blue for the equality of all races and social classes before God and the law; and red means fraternity. There is also a popular Colombian children's song which resonates - "yellow is our gold, blue is our vast seas and red is the blood that gave us our freedom".

Picture of the President:
Branches: Executive--president (head of state and government). Legislative--bicameral Congress. Judicial--Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, Council of State, Superior Judicia Type: Republic.
President--Juan Manuel SANTOS Calderon
Vice President--Angelino GARZON
Minister of Foreign...
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