Colours of the great gatsby

Topics: Working class, Wealth, Color Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: February 1, 2008
The vibrance and distinction of colours can be often used to represent certain aspects about people. In the novel The Great Gatsby they are used to describe the personalities of Myrtle and Daisy as well as Gatsby's. With certain colours they wear they are able to express their identity, and it can also have an affect on their behaviour. Jay Gatsby exploits colours to show of his wealth. Through colours people are also distinguished to which social class they belong to. F. Scott. Fitzgerald uses colour to identify Myrtle's, Gatsby's, and Daisy's personality and persona as well as the social status to which they belong.

Myrtle is the wife of Gorge Wilson who is an auto mechanic. She represents the lower class in society and more than anything she wants to become part of the upper class. Myrtle is very unsatisfied with her husband everything in her life is dull and gray. Even her husband is always covered in dull brown colour of dirt and he does not wear the kind of vibrant clothes that Tom Buchanan wears, the person with whom she is having an affair with. The apartment she shares with Tom in New York, is the complete opposite of the house she lives in. The Wilson's home is in "a valley of ashes... where ashes take to form of houses and chimneys... a line of gray cars crawls along... the ash-gray men..." (Fitzgerald, 23) The author describes the part of the region in which Myrtle lives, as well as the other people of the lower class as this very hideous place full of pollution. Her life with Wilson is very colourless, she does not attended any parties with him like the rich people do. Myrtle wants colour and joy in her life and that is why she has a romance with Tom who is part of the upper class. Once she is with Tom she begins to act and dress differently. The clothes she wears are glamorous. The first time Nick meets Myrtle in the garage he describes her wearing "dress of dark blue... containing no facet or gleam of beauty..." (Fitzgerald, 25) When she is with...
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