Colour Personalities

Topics: Color, Green, Emotion Pages: 6 (760 words) Published: March 22, 2015
A very good morning to the honourable judges, worthy timekeeper, teachers and fellow friends. Have you ever wondered, certain colours can determine your true personality. That is why you will feel comfortable wearing red rather than blue. But, for others they may prefer soft blue than bright red and if I ask your favourite colours, different people will choose different colours. So, do lend me your ears as I’m, going to share with you today an interesting topic on ”colour personalities”. Colours are of the deepest significance to us. Colours have more influence on us ,then we can possibly imagine. If we use them intelligently, colours can help us by strengthening, soothing and inspiring us. Dark colours can harm our spirit and health. Strong bright colours may bring out the best in us, physically, mentally , spiritually and emotionally. The colour of red is known as a sociable and lively colour and red is used to stimulate appetite. A person who likes red can express many personality traits. The positive ones-being passion, energy and vital. The red person is quick to give others answer to any question. Red personality feel all powerful and convince others that they are superior. However, they do not make good leaders. Yellow is associated with energy and creativity. Yellow stimulates the intellect. People with yellow personalities are very business minded and like to thought of as educated. They use their minds to achieve their goals. However, yellow people sometime can be stubborn. Yellow personalities consider all points of view prior to making decision. They can bury their emotion when they are feeling stressed. In addition, yellow people depend only themselves and like to look good at all times. Green promotes feeling of wellbeing and harmony, nature, security, stability and balance. Green personalities are nurtures. They wish to help others. Being good listener and trustworthy, green personalities usually keep their thoughts to themselves. Green personalities treat other as they wish to be treated. Loving harmony makes them born peacemakers. Green personalities makes excellent friends because they are happy, caring and trustworthy. Blue is associated with soothing and serenity. Blue people are emotional. They tend not to trust others. Sometimes, blue personalities can become moody and depressed. They also cannot explain the range of their emotion looking for sympathy in others, blue person can be miserable to be with. Black is most commonly connected with depression. People who like black, hold thing inside and do not want to be exposed. They like to put a barrier between themselves and others keeping their strength inside, so that they can better protect their emotion. For many, black is a comfort colour, making them feel at ease and allow them to hide their own feeling. White attributes protection, purification, freshness and cold. Besides, it is also related to spiritual, strength, faith, truth and sincerity. But, remember, sometimes these people show a false sense of shyness waiting to be noticed, so that they may express their very outspoken, thoughts. White people also, examine others critically, they are confident and assured in themselves.

Ladies and gentleman,
Many people think that colour is just a matter of how things look. However, the truth is that colour is light-which is the source of life itself. There is no where that colour does not exist. Therefore, our instinctive, unconscious response to colours is a vital element in our survival. Even scientist has always recognised the link between them, which include-colour and mood, colour and behaviour. There is a lot of research on this aspect. Therefore, my friend, please choose the right colour of your dress, before heading for any occasion. That is all from me.Thank you.

The colours of clothing we choose to wear, the colours we use to decorate our homes, and even the colours of...
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