Colosseum: Roman Society

Topics: Roman Empire, Gladiator, Colosseum Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: January 6, 2011
The colosseum was built to serve the emperors wants and needs to the members of society and it was more than just gladiator combat! The Purpose of the colosseum was to portray the dominance and power of Rome, highlight the social class/hierarchy of roman society, reinforcing the legal functions that applied the roman society, entertainment and social interactions between members of society, education, for political reasons and for religious purposes.

Gladiators were entertaining and brave warriors as they had a large appeal to the audience, Even though gladiators came from the lowest class of Roman society. The gladiators fighting were customised differently so each individual had a gladiator to go for. These Gladiators were named and perceived different and they were Murmillion this gladiator was halfly armed swordsman and was a male sea creature called a mermaid. There was Retiarius Who was armed like a fisherman, Thracian a barbarian warrior, Samnite an old enemy and Secutor the most heavily armed with the heaviest body due to armor, but there was more to the colosseum than just gladiator combat. These characters represented the enemies of Rome as Rome was victories at the time and this reinforces the victory of the roman society.

The colosseum portrays the power of Rome’s technology, wealth and military powers as they had the ability to build such a great structure using lime stone, cement, marble, and brick which also indicates that they had the population and man power needed to construct new things. The colosseum also highlights the technology the Roman society had by building such a huge structure not only in width but in height in contrast to other countries. This is evident as in other countries the amphitheatres were made from wood and would eventually break down. The hypogeum even reveals the power of the technology as there were elevators to escalate the fighters, animals or humans. Having conflicts within colosseum highlights there military...
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