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The Wonderous Colosseum
The Colosseum is so important to society today, because not only is it a major accomplishment for architecture, with the styles and techniques that were used, It also had a major effect on our athletics that we have today. The Colosseum was such a huge achievement for not only Rome but also other countries like our very own United States of America, because it had an everlasting impact on our society today.

The Colosseum was so important to Rome in terms of entertainment and athletics. The sound waves of gladiatorial battles, naval clashes, and savage beast wars surrounded the Colosseum, amplifying the crowds’ intensity and excitement to a whole new level. It was such a dangerous area that a lower wall with a railing was surmounted around the arena (Colosseum 1). The Colosseum is located in Rome, Italy, originally called the Amphitheatrum Flavianum. The Colosseum is a symbol of Rome’s power and is one of the world’s greatest wonders. The structure is composed of travertine blocks, a broken down marble rock, forming an ellipse 1,719 feet in circumference and 159 feet in height, with an area 282 feet by 177 feet. Soaring four stories high, arcades with pillars of Doric form the first three stories, as well as Ionic and Corinthian orders, meaning that all three were combined to form a new design. The Doric order being typically used for temples and is the simplest of the three, Ionic was a stockier look that was used usually for small buildings, then Corinthian was the “leafy” look that you would typically see at the top and bottoms of pillars. The interior of the building had three sections of marble seats for roughly 50,000 spectators. Beneath the sand were hidden passageways for the Gladiators preparing for battle and some were areas for the beast to remain until they were called upon (Titus Flavius Vespasianus 1).

Fans adored Gladiators because they were strong and courageous, they were aware of the consequence, if they did...

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