Color Therapy as an Alternative Medical Treatment for Mental, Physical or Emotional Ailment

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Color Therapy as an Alternative Medical Treatment for Mental, Physical or Emotional Ailment

Many aspects of our lives such as emotions, thoughts and energies are able to be influenced by color in different levels through color therapy (Wong, 2008). This is because we are surrounded by colors that we perceived in different ways. The effectiveness of these colors to influence us is through the right technique of using them.

Overview to colors and chakras

According to Abbott (1959), “the warm colors are generally stimulating or exciting and the cool colors are generally restful and quieting, but any or all of them may be pleasant or disagreeable”. Colors’ unique characteristics can be helpful or not, depending on how it is used. It can bring us relief and success, or bondage and failure. For this reason, it is beneficial for us to know how and when to use appropriate colors at the right situation needed. According to Wilson (1960), red, one that makes an eager spirit, combined with blue, a cooling and sobering color, makes magnificent violet- associated with kingship, while yellow creates a feeling of freshness and brightness. On the other hand, orange can encourage and shows clearness while green gives a peaceful and quite state. These six colors, indigo in addition, are paired to the seven major energy location in our body called “chakras”.

Every chakra is associated with each color where it can give aid to healing process (Wong, 2008). How this color is related to a chakra is based on the manifestation of emotion the color gives that contributes in aiding various illnesses.

According to Pond (1999), all have “chakras” that need to function well because it is the connector of the energy inside to the external life force. When “chakras” do not perform properly, there will be a dark side experience of life. One can determine that his feeling is at ease, discouraged and weak when energies are restricted to flow. So, like our external body, we should also be responsible of making sure that our seven chakras are in good condition. There should be an assurance of well-functioning chakras in order to live life full of energy. If we let them distorted, our life within will suffer.

The seven energy chakras are located at different areas of our bodies. Each chakra is related to a color. The location of the chakras will help us to understand more of chakras and their connection to colors.

According to Redmond (2010), the first chakra is located at the “base of the spine”. It is concerned at our necessities and possessions needed for survival, and is a self-concerned chakra that thinks of personal feelings. If the chakra is not balance, thoughts of insecurities will come into our mind because of the inability to get things needed and wanted. The feeling of being unsafe and the need of protection will always disturb us. If this chakra is in the good condition, it gives us confidence as we have accumulated the material things we need for us to live and we are fulfilled to have the authority over these things. Low self-esteem, pressure and stress will be experienced if this chakra is unbalanced because of inability to fit to the standards of the society. Color red is for the first chakra where a great urge and desire prevails and gives normal breathing and blood pressure (Little, 2006b). Red is chosen to be associated with the first chakra because it is so strong that it possesses authority and accomplishments.

The second chakra is located at the “Pelvic region”. It is centered at the satisfaction of the artistic pleasures, and obsession is the product of its imbalance as it exceeds the limitation and continues to desire more such as in food and relationship (Redmond, 2010). As this chakra has been balanced it will bring out the artistry inside. People are not just satisfied with the material things, but also with the affection they can get. But if the chakra is not...
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