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Topics: Electromagnetic radiation, Light, Speed of light Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Elvira Goloborodko Science color 11/3/14 You may use any reliable source to investigate and find the information needed to complete this assessment. Recall that personal web pages, company advertisements, and other similar web based resources may not be reliable. The best resources will be governmental, educational, or scientific in origin. 1. In your own words, explain how Doppler radar works. Describe the properties of electromagnetic waves and interactions that make Doppler radar possible. (13 points) A Doppler radar is an important tool used to measure the velocity and direction of a moving object. The Radar actually has transmitters that produce and release electromagnetic waves in the form of microwaves or radio waves. These waves are sent out and when they reach something they reflect or bounce back to the source or transmitter. It is noticed that when the waves are reflected back they are much weaker but the machines are able to amplify them to get an accurate reading from them. This process determines and measures the distance of the object its reading. 2. In your own words, explain how polarized sunglasses work. Describe the properties of electromagnetic waves and interactions that this technology targets. (13 points) Polarized lenses contain a special filter that reflects the suns’, sometimes, dangerous glare. An Electromagnetic Wave from the sun such as light usually reflects horizontally off of surfaces. This process produces a super annoying glare that polarized sunglasses restrict from affecting your eyes. 3. In your own words, explain why we see a rainbow or colorful sunset. Explain the properties and interactions that make this display possible. (13 points) Sunlight is actually made up of a whole range of colors but when all these colors are combine it is seen as white. When the light passes through different types of mediums to others, for example humidity or air, it...
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