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Topics: Attack, Attack!, Biology Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Benny Ndegwa
April 2nd 2013
Mr. Metoyer Lab Biology
The Colorful Guppy Lab Report
What is the relationship between the brightness of the guppy and their predators and mates? Hypothesis:
If predators attack the guppy populations, then the drab guppy population will increase due to high predation. Materials:
1. Guppies
2. Computer
Data Table:
| % of Brightest Guppies| % of Bright Guppies| % of Drab Guppies| % of Drabbest Guppies| Trial 1| 62| 9| 22| 7|
Trial 2| 16| 9| 21| 52|
Trial 3| 10| 10| 25| 50|

This lab was about the coloration of the guppy population, which was being changed by predators attacking the guppies. The predators went after the brighter fish instead of the drab fish, and in 10 generations the drab fish became plentiful, in the environment with high predators. Conversely, the brighter fish were the strongest in the environment with low predators. The data did support the hypothesis, in trials 2 and 3, because predators attacked bright guppies, which made the drab fish abundant. However in trial 1, the hypothesis was not supported since there were not as many predators. Despite the disadvantages of being bright, guppies favor the gene because the females prefer bright guppies. This causes a “crossfire” situation because they want to mate with females but don’t want to be eaten. Based on the data, drab fish will became dominant in a stream with a lot of predators, however the bright fish would be plentiful in a stream with lots of predators. Overall the location of the guppies will affect the predators present, therefore affecting the coloration of the guppy population.
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