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Topics: Marching band, Performance, High school Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: April 25, 2015
Putting 20 heads together and coming up with one wonderful piece isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do. However, my color guard is beginning to get the hang of it. We are coming up with a class piece to perform in our showcase at the end of the year. The song we have chosen to this piece is Midnight City. The concept behind this piece is the remarkable growth of the Poinciana High School color guard.

It starts with Natalie, our captain and the only senior on color guard alone on stage performing some work. She represents when she joined four years ago, and how small the guard was. Then two of our juniors, Abi and Jayda will enter and begin to perform some work with Natalie. They represent three years ago when they joined and how the color guard was still remarkably small. Then two of our sophomores, Milanie and myself, will enter and just watch these three, representing how in the middle of last year, we began supporting the color guard and being a part of the band and their events without performing with them because we showed an interest in color guard a little too late in the year. After that we will begin performing and doing work with the first three once the girls who went to band camp over the summer this year enter. These people will include Jay, Dahiana, Denisse, Aisha, Nalayzah, and Genesis. We will all perform some work together representing how over the summer we began to bond and work together. After this happens, the rest of the color guard who joined during the beginning of this school year (2014-2015). This includes Brittany, Amanda, Emily, Nichole, Rosie, and Pamela. In one year, the Poinciana High School color guard jumped from five people to fifteen and in my opinion that is a remarkable feat that deserves to be captured and showcased as best as possible.

Color guard is where a group of girls march with a marching band and perform the halftime performance at a football game and spin flags, rifles, and sabers. They help make the...
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