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John Pamintuan
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Favorite Color Essay

With all the beautiful colors out there, I have to say that my favorite color is blue. Blue symbolizes loyalty that is why it is preferred to wear a blue tie or dress during a job interview and also the reason cops have blue uniforms. This color is present everywhere through the infinite deep sky and ocean releasing a peaceful vibe, which you can’t help but relax. It has a wavelength of about 470 nm, third shortest after indigo and violet. The complementary color of blue is orange.

My first reason is that blue represents loyalty. This reason is true because everybody wears some kind of blue color. Whether they are blue jeans, ties, and uniforms to work, the color blue is used in many ways. An example would be the uniform of cops, and security guards as they represent their loyalty to the government or to whomever they work for. Blue is also a professional color representing a serious, knowledgeable, and confident intelligent person.

My second reason is that blue gives the feeling of comfort and peace. When I go through a rough stressful day, I can’t help but look and listen to the peaceful sounds of the ocean and sky. Mentally and emotionally, blue complements the color red because it is full of love but also passion, and anger, while blue symbolizes tranquility. Scientifically, and in reality, orange is the opposite of blue. Orange represents punishment and consequences, and that is why prison inmates wear orange while blue serves the purpose of justice.

These claims are significant because they are just a few of the many reasons why it is my favorite, or possibly the prominent color of the world. For example, if I wanted to give off a nice expression to my job interviewers, I would wear a blue tie or long sleeve shirt to show competence, confidence, knowledge, and most of all loyalty. However many people prefer other colors especially red because it represents love and the never ending passion for...
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