Colonization of Mexico: Conquest of the Northern Mexican States

Topics: Mexico, United States, Mexican War of Independence Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Chicano Studies 141B
February 6, 2012 The logic of Chapter 3 “Occupied America” “Legacy of Hate: The Conquest of Mexico´s Northwest” 1. The main purpose of this article/chapter is:
The main purpose of this chapter is to explain the process of the Mexican northern states conquest. It addresses the events that occurred since the Mexican independence from Spain to the annexation of Texas to the United States and the loss of the Mexican more than half territory. 2. The key question(s) that the author is addressing is:

What were the facts that led to the conquest of Mexican territories by the United States? What led to the legacy of hate?
3. The most important information in this article/chapter is: The chapter give us the causes of why the hate of legacy started and why it is still impacting. 4.The main inferences /conclusions in this article/chapter are: Mexico did not just lose over half of its territory, but also dignity. The wars brought losses that impacted the lives of Mexicans. Mexico didn’t just loss part of its land that would make it a major powe, but also its population, which day by day migrate in search of survival. 5.The key concept(s) we need to understand in this article is (are): * September 16, 1810 Mexico won independence from Spain (Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Jose Maria Morelos, and Guadalupe Victoria). * Mexico was on bankrupt, with low stability. Wanted to form a nation state and create an overriding identity. * Texas and Mexican war interrupted the process of state formation. * 1800-1819 United States expanded through a series of purchases and aggressions dramatically, bordering Texas, New Mexico and some other Mexican territories. * United States started thinking Texas once belonged to them and started the process of annexation and invaded Mexico which led to a bankruptcy to the country. * The United States believed in the manifest destiny. They said God had chosen them to expand...
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