Colonization of America

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Virginia Company, New England Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: November 15, 2005
In the 16th and 17th centuries many colonies were starting to appear all over the Eastern Cost of America. All of Europe countries were interested in colonies, from Spain to England and even France. To the naked eye these colonies may have seemed very similar, but they were very different. Most of the population of these colonies arrived on boats that sailed from various European countries. Many colonies suffered through the early years from famine and death, and also poor planning. If we were to investigate these colonies we would find many differences; many of these differences are what made these colonies the country that we live in today, The United Stated of America. The two colonies that we will be investigating are the New England Puritan Colonies and The Chesapeake colonies in Virginia. Each colony was founded differently and under different terms. Some came to seek religious freedom while others just simply escape from the English Monarch. Also, some settlers came just simply explore the west. These colonies didn't just sit there, these settlers developed these colonies, and some went through hardships, while others succeeded in further developing into a nation. In this essay it will investigate the early New England and Chesapeake colonies and their settlement and transformations over the years.

The first colony to be settled in America was the Chesapeake colony. Once the joint stock company, The London Company, received its charter from James I in 1606 they sent 144 men, only 104 made it to America. The colonists sailed over to America, up a river that they later named the James River and settled on a peninsula they later named Jamestown. Upon, their arrival they immediately ran into serious problems. Many colonists were highly vulnerable to local diseases, mostly Malaria. The main reason the colonists were there was to find gold, lumber, tar, pitch, and iron. They were hoping to find these resources and use them for export to raise...
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