Colonization of America

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Colonization of America
During the 15 century European Colonizer decided to reach India thru sea route because they all wanted to buy spices and silk and muslin. Indi was so important for European. Because They didn’t grow in Europe at that time. Columbus also wanted to establish a western route to India which he believed excited, and based his knowledge on Marco Polo’s writings on his travel but he accidently found out about new continent. The first step of European action in the Americas began with the Atlantic Ocean crossings of Christopher Columbus (1492–1504) sponsored by Spain King. When They found out America They thought it is India and They called the native people Indian.

When the Europeans founded North America, the possibilities they sought to achieve were endless. New opportunities for them to expand were present in many aspects. Religious extension, economic gain and political power were just three of these improvements yearned by the colonizers. The Pope declared the world as an inheritance of Christianity. Spain and Portugal, two main Christian supremacies at this time, wanted to spread the religion across the world after the Treaty of Tordesillas during the year of 1494, and America was the perfect location to begin the religious movement. Spain’s dispute was that the souls of the Native Americans could only be saved by Christian baptism. Furthermore, England, France and Spain were the three prominent superpowers that colonized North America in the late 16th and 17th centuries. Each country had its own motives, processes and effects on the colonization of North America that had both similarities, and differences from one another. There are various motives behind the colonization of North America by England. Economic deliberations were certainly the most efficient in promoting colonization. Amongst these were the gatherings of excessive resources and the profit motive. Rich businessmen sought after prospects to devote their cash to. Joint-stock companies retailed their portions of stock and facilitated them to distribute the large outflow and danger of founding colonies as business enterprises. Much like the Spanish, the English hoped to find gold in the colonies .Therefore, the English desired to protect fundamental raw materials from their colonies rather than paying valuable amounts of money to other countries. There were many reasons as to why the English came to colonize, “to them the American colonies were an assortment of dreams and hopes and fears. English settlers believed that in America, the possibilities were endless, and they were nearly correct. Some came with unambiguous plans whilst others arrived carrying problematic intentions; “some came as charity cases, owing everything to a few rich people in London. Others came simply for income, while some came looking for a safe haven. Amid the individual colonists, the desire in itself was to own land, in sparse availability in Europe, and to benefit from an improved way of life. The Spanish motives for the colonization of North America were primarily for colonial growth and development as well as a spread of Christianity through indigenous alterations. The Spaniards were the first Europeans to settle in America, nearly 100 years prior the other Europeans joining them on the North American continent. The Spanish were primarily motivated by God, gold, and glory. The American empire that they established lasted 300 years. The closer that the Indians were to the centers of Spanish settlement, the more their cultures were replaced by the language, religion and politics that were imported from Spain. However, some remote areas, such as the jungles of northern Guatemala, remained untouched for many years. The Spanish intended to convert all of the Indians to their ways and traditions Furthermore, Spain’s motives were more centered on religion, while England’s were focused more on economic gain. France’s motives for...
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