Colonization of the New World between the English and the Spanish. Which groups ( Plymoth or Jamestown) more closely resembled the Spanish model of conlonization.

Topics: Colonialism, Plymouth Colony, Jamestown, Virginia Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: May 21, 2004
In the early history of the 1600's, North America had been discovered and establishment of the New World had begun. Although Spain and England both focused on the colonization and exploration of the Americas, their ambitions and goals were very different. The most important reasons for English colonization were religious freedom, to seek refuge, and new economic opportunities. The Spanish, on the other hand, exploited the New World in search of gold and silver, greed navigated their search. Although both the English and the Spanish experienced mild success, the English tactics for daily survival were much more organized and peaceful.

Permanent English colonies arose in the early 1600's due to a charter from the Virginia Company. There were two groups included in the Virginia Company, one in London and one in Plymouth. Each group received land and the start of the English colonization was soon beginning. Jamestown, a division from the London group, was the first permanent English colony to be settled in 1607. The Virginia Company of London funded this tour. Struggle and despair describes the early years of the settlement. Settlers were lazy, and avoided manual labor at all costs. Few individuals had agricultural skills. These settlers expected the Indians to provide food for them. When none was furnished, hunger and death soon prevailed. One individual, John Smith, is accredited for his leadership skills in order to save the failing New World. After many years of the colony struggling, John Smith stepped forward as the leader of the group. He executed many strict demands regarding the policies of the town. He was know for his smart thinking, fast skills, and leadership ability. After one encounter with an Indian hunting party, John Smith escaped death due to his proficient thinking. Smith's life was saved due to the intervention of the Indian chief's daughter, Pocohontas. Smith's strict authoritative beliefs and standards only lasted one year and company...
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