Colonization in Kenya

Topics: Colonialism, Indigenous peoples, Culture Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: March 9, 2012
Colonialism occurs when one nation takes control of another. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the British did to the Africans. The British took over their land basically without the Africans knowledge. Although the British created a more developed civilization with the many aspects they brought to Kenya, they greatly affected Africans economically, politically, socially and culturally. With that being stated, Kenya would not be the country it is this very day if it weren’t for the British colonizing the Africans.

British colonialism drastically affected Kenya economically.The people of Kenya became more civilized and more developed (Doc 5). Instead of wearing traditional clothes, Africans wore more formal and appropriate clothes like the British (Doc 5). The economic growth was one of the few pros for the British colonizing Africa. Also Africans got education, although not compulsory, 3,442 schools for 395,000 students were provided (Doc 10). Railroads and road networks had a substantial amount of growth in just in 50 years (Doc 11). The economic growth was caused by the Africans being forced to farm cash crops that was later sold to increase income. British colonialism affected Kenya economically because it caused economic growth, education growth, and the growth of railroad and road in colonial Kenya.

Kenya also just started to adjust socially. For one reason or another, one may make an assumption that a white teacher would be racist toward his/her black student, Njoroge, a black scholar, described his experience with the white missionaries. Njoroge says, “They never talked of colour; they never talked down to Africans; and they could work closely, joke, and laugh with their black colleagues who came from different tribes” (Doc 9). Unfortunately, Kenya was in no way similar to this, and there was still a lot of racism.

Not only did British colonialism drastically affect Kenya’s economy, but also it affected it politically. The borders...
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