Topics: Colonialism, Modernism, Ireland Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: April 19, 2014
(slide 1) Hello everyone
I'm ….. we are gonna talk about an interesting topic which is Decolonization in Yeats' poems The first thing that comes to our mind after hearing Yeats' name is the word decolonization Before we're gonna talk about him , there're some details about the Irish literature in general . Also, in our presentation we selected the important points because all these points if we take them individually we'll not finish  (slide 2) So, If you look at this sentence , the main idea about our topic will be clear in front of you The Irish give us this impression through their works of art and their fighting for their identity .Literature reflects cultures ,so through literature you can discover a large nation like the Irish . (slide 3) here , an Irish man is represented through these pictures A green long hat, clover plant and potatoes . All these objects discussed in Yeats' poems . (slide 4) Yeats is considered one of the known figure in Literature especially in poetry. (slide 5) There are many versions of William Butler Yeats. Yeats as a poet , dramatist ,critic ,nationalist and postcolonialist. (slide 6) He is a writer who devoted himself to building Irish culture and literature, Yeats’s position as a postcolonial figure seems obvious. (slide 7) Yeats was a poet of decolonization, a muse expressing the Irish experience of the dominant colonial power of Britain. Rather than reading Yeats’s poetry from the conventional perspective of high European modernism Said explains that “he appears to me, and I am sure many others in the Third World, to belong naturally to the other cultural domain” (slide 8) Then, we can't talk about something without materialistic proves like an example from Yeats' poems (slide 9) this poem is (The Fisherman) In this poem, Yeats presents the ideal Irish man .He wants to remind the Irish people of their cultures and figures . Some critics said that he wants to illustrate a model to the Irish people to follow or to be...
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