Colonists Were Oppressed (Dbq)

Topics: American Revolution, Revolution, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: November 10, 2008
The unjust rules and regulations imposed on the American colonists through the 1760s and 70s inevitably caused the Revolution to occur, and Britain to lose one of their most profitable settlements. The question is not if the colonists had a lack of liberties, but the fact that the government, over 3000 miles away, were controlling some of the most important freedoms they came to cherish. When the colonies emerged at first, the colonists obeyed the control of Great Britain as they had the mentality that they would need the support of a strong empire to make their settlements develop (Doc I). Yet as the colonies realized that they could support themselves and still prosper, there was a detachment towards the motherland. In other words, the forefathers' actions, or lack of action, was dependent on the circumstance of prosperity towards the original colonies. They felt that revolt too early, would in fact, deter the growth of which was desired by all.

Once the colonies developed enough so that they could corroborate themselves, the need for a motherland was reduced. When Great Britain and Parliament realized the salutary neglect they imposed on the colonies and the obvious effect on the colonists, they proceeded to tighten their grip on the colonies. Along with external taxes, Parliament subjected the colonies to internal taxes meant to decrease growth potential, especially economic potential (Doc H). The goods taxes and navigation laws, ultimately backfired on Great Britain, as that was the last straw before the Americans revolted. For instance, the Stamp Act, the Tea Act, and many others, were forced upon the people without the voice of the people being heard. It was not the most political way for Great Britain to get prosperity from the colonists.

The mentality of colonists is completely understandable as anyone under autocratic rule, will undoubtedly revolt, especially when their economy is under pressure. Cutting off trade, imposing taxes...
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