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13 Colonies

Now that England is settling in North America more, we have thirteen colonies. The colonies are all set up for different purposes. They are divided into the New England, middle, and southern colonies.

The Puritans control Parliament. They have formed the Massachusetts Bay Company, and have come to America. They’ve settled in a city called Boston, and the colony is Massachusetts. Massachusetts is the first New England colony. Now that we’re in the 1630’s, over 15,000 Puritans have come to Massachusetts in the Great Migration. Thomas Hooker has established out the second New England colony, Connecticut. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut is the first written constitution of America. Rhode Island, the third New England colony, is the first colony based on religious toleration. In this colony people of all faiths can worship freely. New Hampshire is the fourth New England colony. John Wheelwright has established it.

The Dutch have created a colony called New Netherland, and the main settlement in this colony is New Amsterdam. This colony was given to the Duke of York and was renamed New York, the first middle colony. The southern part of New York has become New Jersey, the second middle colony. New Jersey has attracted settlers by promising freedom of religion, trial by jury, and a representative assembly. William Penn, a Quaker, received land in America and named his colony Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the

third middle colony. William Penn established this colony for the Quakers. He also established a city inside this colony called Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. The three lower counties of Pennsylvania have created a republic, and become the fourth middle colony, Delaware.

Maryland, the first southern colony, was established by Lord Baltimore to be a safe colony for Roman Catholics. The Act of Toleration allowed for freedom of religious worship that we have here in Maryland. Virginia is the second middle colony....
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