Colonialsm and the Darjeeling Limited

Topics: Third World, Jamaica Kincaid, A Small Place Pages: 3 (1215 words) Published: December 13, 2010
When traveling to a country different from his own, an individual may be intrigued and astounded by the sights, smells and the people he discovers. This all plays a part in the experience the tourist comes out for and pays for. The individual plans and books this visit to enjoy his stay at the exotic land. By doing so, the individual can take a break from the life he left back in his hometown and use this opportunity to escape its harsh realities. However, what they don't realize is that they are also stepping into the lives and homes of others and ultimately, their reality. Keeping an ignorant mindset may be beneficial for the tourist, but may be destructive for the culture and lives of the natives. By sticking to the surface, the tourist objectifies the things he or she experiences in their visit by focusing on what they sense in they new land and thus, is able to view the land as paradise and feel as if they entered a perfect world. The short story "A Small Place," written by Jamaica Kincaid, shows when traveling to a different nation, people only focus on the beauty of the land. The tourist stays on the surface so he does not have to think about the negative conditions and lifestyles within the country. Kincaid describes how the tourist buys their experience and how they affect colonialization. This typical tourist behavior in which Kincaid mocks throughout her writing can be seen in the Vogue article “Ticket to Paradise.”

Jamaica Kincaid walks the reader through what a typical tourist does in Antigua. Kincaid uses second person point of view throughout her writing while incorporating a sarcastic tone. By using a second person point of view, she forces the readers into the text, giving them a closer experience. She tells you what to feel, think and do. Kincaid introduces Antigua as done in a brochure making it seem like a consumer object. She makes specific, yet at the same time, general statements to let the reader relate to the text easily. Kincaid...
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