Colonialism and Positive Way

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Analyse the European's changing attitudes towards empire from the ag of discovery to the scramble for africa.

The age of discovery and the scramble for africa are two movements involving the major European powers for the exploratiom and the colonization of africa. The age of discovery took place around the 16 century, while the scramble for africa took place in the 19th century. The major difference between these two movements was that the first one, the age of discovery was a movement, as the name explains to explore Africa and other continents too. It wasn't a totally military movement but it was very important for trade. Africa was and is a very fertile land, and there are many resources that in europe don't exist. The scramble for africa is a totally militarist race for the control of africa, not only for trading reasons but basically because it was the period before the start of the first world war and colonies were immportant.

The age of discovery has a very different view towards empire than the scramble for africa mainly because the objectives of the Europan powers were different. Colonize for the land, and to be competitive among European powers is very different to colonize and explore for enconomic interset. These two big differences will bring a very different view towards empire. In the first age of colonization, European colonizors focused on what could the land offer. It is important to remember that we are in a period known as industrial revolution in europe, therefore having colonies that could bring goods was very important. The main focus was on goods, therefore the empire was not the most important thing, but it was probably so by the native africans in a negative way. First of all, Europeans were much more developed than africans, secondly because of slavery. It is in this periond in which slavery begins, it is the start of the triangle that will bring slaves to europe from africa and south america. This is the main reason...
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