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November 12, 2013
Kesha Eason

Throughout the recent history of the last one hundred years Colonialism has proved to be in part a good thing for the world. It has shown to be at times violent with nations fighting war after war. But it also has brought numerous different cultures together. It has also helped to stop the genocide against people of different faiths and walks of life around the world. No matter how controversial Colonialism is in History it has proved to be a positive thing as a whole and it has helped to develop and modernize the world. Negatives of Colonialism

The roots of slavery quite often are varied and extensive, but often go hand in hand with Colonialism. What happens when a country invades and controls another nation or area, the controlled nation or area is forced to give up food, goods, and people usually by force. This has happened throughout history and it is very well written down and documented. Slavery has been used as a tool of colonialism all over the world. It is not uncommon that the people of the newly acquired territory will be forced into slavery to pay the debts of the war and to pay for the goods coming in to the country, clear out the land for the people that will surely come in, and it is a form of subjugation as a way to show the people that the new ruler reigns supreme now. It is well documented that the longest running slave trade is the Arab Slave Trade. The Arab Slave Trade was quite extensive with roots stretching from Europe, East Africa, and India. It is estimated that in over 1500 years over 20 million people were captured and sent to Arab world, it is not including the over 1 million people that were captured by Muslim pirates in the seas of the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. The Atlantic Slave trade is estimated at sending over 11 million people from West Africa to the Americas over 350 years. It was inherently needed because as the Europeans were...
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