Colonial Societies: Chesapeake vs New England

Topics: Religion, Massachusetts, Society Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Zoe Collins
1993 DBQ: Chesapeake vs. New England

Although during the 17th century the British colonies still recognized themselves as European or English, they managed to develop unique characteristics through the expansion of colonies, and the escalation of population. Through this expansion, new information, customs, and new ways of life were learned and practiced daily, and with these changes came the separation of the two societies. While the settlers of the Chesapeake region were motivated primarily by objectives of wealth, the New England puritan settlers were in an entirely different mindset. They sought out and expanded in hopes of dodging sanctified persecution. The puritans spent their days spreading their religion and working to be a spotless society in God’s eyes (Model of Christian Charity, Document A). The New England settlers had finally escaped England’s religious persecution and had formed a new life here, where they could practice freely. As for the Chesapeake region, they were in constant mercantilism mode. Their goals were not to be a perfect society, rather to be a wealthy society. They sought out in developing new technology, ideas and agriculture. The development of Tobacco plants was one of many cash seeking ideas of the Chesapeake region (Document F). The differences between the motives of the two societies are inevitable. Additionally, emigrants played a major role in shaping the two regions into what they were becoming. Families would come over with their predetermined beliefs and customs and spread their knowledge among the community. Religious clusters relocated to New England, increasing not only their population, but their physical and mental stability and strength as well. All of the new ideas and cultures brought in from these emigrants would be passed down through generations, forming who we are as a society today. (Shiplist of Emigrants Bound for New England, Document B). With these new people, society had...
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