Colonial Latin America

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1. Chasteen states that by the late nineteenth century Latin American countries aimed to imitate England, France or the US, countries that equated Progress. What material or technological transformations did Latin Americans seem to have associated to the idea of “progress”? Latin America decided to associate with the idea of progress the idea of being able to export their home grown goods. While England, France and the US, exported industrial machinery (because it was made in those countries) Latin America decided they could not compete with those countries in selling machinery so they made their economies of selling livestock and agricultural goods. 2. How does the idea of Progress relate to what we have learned about neocolonialism? Explain. Neocolonialism and progress can relate because the new countries that were made up of what once was Latin America began to grow economically once this period of “new colonies” took place. All these new countries started progressing because they built their own economies and politics. 3. According to Altamirano, what were the main causes of the decadence and backwardness of towns like Texcoco? Altamirano, explains that the main causes of the towns Texcoco were due various changes like the construction and customs of the civilians. In addition, he also blames the conquest of the Spaniards. 4. Based on Ignacio Manuel Altamirano’s chronicle about the railroad of Texcoco, what transformations did railroads appear to have brought to some regions of Latin America? The railroads appeared to have brought to some regions of Latin America transformations in the fact that they instilled spirit and vigor. In Texcoco it restored a land that had been suffering for a long time. It was redemption for the Mexicans. 5. According to Altamirano, the first arrival of the Spanish in Texcoco brought missionaries. What does he say that the second Spanish Mission to Texcoco has brought and how do the locals feel about it? The second Spanish...
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