Colonial Conflicts and Rebellions

Topics: United States, Native Americans in the United States, Revolution Pages: 4 (1304 words) Published: March 31, 2007
Before the unification of the American Colonies to form the United States of America, the colonies were divided internally. The colonies experienced a series of revolts and rebellions due to mounting social, political, and economic tensions. Like all rebellions and revolutions, they were led by the middle class. The friction occurred between parties like the Colonists and the British, the Colonists and the Native Americans, and the Colonists with each other. Many of these revolts and rebellions resulted in massacres and deaths, but in defense of the rebels, their reasons for rebellion was well established, while their actions during the rebellion can be abhorred.

In Virginia, there was Bacon's Rebellion. The social precedents that led to this revolt was due to constant class struggles between the upper and lower classes. Those who resided in the Tidewater area of Jamestown led prosperous and secure lives, while those in the frontier lived in poverty, with poor soil for farming. Those who lived in the frontier were also constant victims of Native American raids and attacks, yet the upper class from Tidewater just turned their heads, negating the attacks that were occurring. The residents of the frontier needed aid, but no one was there to help them. Another social precedent the fact that many Roundheads and Cavaliers from England found safe haven in America here, some view the Bacon's rebellion as an image of the English Civil War. Political causes for the upcoming Bacon's rebellion was the poor leadership of Governor Berkeley, who was perceived as a corrupt leader and oppressed the lower classes. The misrepresentation of people in the Virginia House of Burgesses, which only allowed a seat for white, land-owning, Christian, men also made it unequal to all of the citizens of the town. Economic tensions could be tied into both social and political tensions as well. Mercantilism, the current economic policy of England at the time, hurt the colonies too,...
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