Colonel Hackworth

Topics: World War II, Cold War, United States Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Life in the Army can be tough, especially during times of war. Volunteering to serve your country during the Korean, Vietnam, and Cold War crisis shows character, patriotism, leadership, and bravery. These times in American history were some of the most bloody and controversial times. It was hard on families that lost loved ones and hard on soldiers who hadn’t experienced things of the nature. Most soldiers during these times had just turned eighteen and just left home for the first time. A lot of soldiers during this time didn’t even volunteer to be enlisted, they were drafted. Colonel David H. Hackworth went above and beyond his call of duty as a soldier and as a person of society. Hackworth displayed all the Army values during his long tenure in service and fits the mold of a true American hero. Colonel David H. Hackworth accomplished many amazing things and tasks in his military career that contributed to actions and tactics that we still use today in our Army. Hackworth not only contributed to his country as an officer, he also was a well respected and prominent military journalist. The Colonel wrote many books in his lifetime one of which was an autobiography. Hackworth will always be viewed as one of the most proficient officers and military journalists this country has seen and will always be remembered in the history books of our great nation.

David H. Hackworth, also known to many as “Hack”, was a highly decorated Colonel and highly regarded military journalist. As a journalist, Hackworth investigated many prominent stories and figures. One of his many investigations involved the improper wearing of ribbons and patches worn by Admiral Mike Boorda. The investigation of the case and the embarrassment of the situation was believed to have driven the Admiral to commit suicide.

Hackworth joined the military at the age of fourteen. His first enlistment was with the United States Merchant Marine. The U.S Merchant Marine is a branch of...
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