Colombia and Korea Two Countries to Learn

Topics: Korea, South Korea, Korean language Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: November 21, 2008
Each country in the world has their own life style, but also in some countries we can found some similarities. Between Colombia and Korea the main similarity is the freedom to choose their own religion such as catholic and Christian. However, these two countries have a lot of different but the most relevant are the food, language, and the philosophy and religious.
Every country has the own food which represents it. Likewise, Korean has a unique food. It is Kimchi. This traditional dish is the kind of food that is not only delicious, but also has the best benefits. The ingredients of this dish are the highly nutritious fermented foods with a unique flavor and taste; it is a mixture of vegetables, salted sauce, red pepper and garlic. This type of food helps to decrease the rate of cancer according to different reports. On the other hand, Colombia food has the most variety kinds of food in every of their meat compared with Korean food. The most traditional food in this country is “Bandeja Paisa” which mean Paisa dish. This meal has different ingredients except any of vegetables and spicy condiments. However, a lot of people in Colombia eat more proteins than vegetables.

Another different between Korea and Colombia is the language. The Colombian people speak Spanish, which is the second language more common language in the world, their don’t have a variety of languages, just only Spanish in most of the cities, and some natives Indians that speak their own dialects, also in the coasts such as san Andres or Santa Martha speak English. Nevertheless, Korean people speak only Korean which is the official language of both north and South Korea, but the only different between these two countries are, Korean used to use the base form alphabet from the Chinese when they write, and sometimes in some words have a similar pronunciation as Chinese in contrast to Colombia.

Finally, the philosophy and religious are very important value for both countries. Korea...
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