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The country of Colombia is filled with rare beauty. Colombia is located in the Northwestern region of South America. This country is north of the Atlantic Ocean and west to the Pacific Ocean. Colombia is considered to be in the climatic zones. The temperatures ranges from very hot at sea level to relatively cold throughout different seasons. Eighty-six percent of Colombia areas lie within the hot zone. The temperature varies depending on the elevation, which can be between Seventy-two through One-hundred and four degrees. Eight percent of the country area is within the temperate zone. The temperate zone temperature varies between Sixty-six through Seventy-five degrees. The remaining six percent of the country is within the cold zone, which temperatures can be between Fifty and Sixty-two degrees. Catholicism is the official religion for the country of Colombia. Eighty-one percent of the country identifies themselves as a Catholic. Thirty percent of the countries are Protestants. The other religion are made up of Jewish, Judaism, and Baha ‘i faith. There are no social problems of religions arising in the Colombia, freedom of religion is enforced by the state and tolerated in the Colombian culture. The population of Colombia is estimated at 45,745,783 people as of 2013. The population growth rate is 1.1 percent per year. Average life expectancy in Colombia is around the age of 72. They have 282,000 members in the active service and terms of service are between 12 to 18 months. Colombia’s imported goods are electrical and transportation equipment’s. Vegetables products, industrial metals, minerals, paper product and paper are also imported goods. Exported goods include coffee, textiles, leather products, bananas, and tobacco.

Defending the Right to Health in Colombia

The problem with the health-care institutions of Colombia...
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