Collette Dinnigan

Topics: Clothing, Textile, Silk Pages: 9 (1957 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Designer Profile
Collette Dinnigan started her career in fashion in New Zealand attending Wellington Polytechnic in her late teens. After she graduated, she moved to Australia to begin working for the Costume Department of the Australian Broadcasting Commission in Sydney. In her time working at the Costume Department of the Australian Broadcasting Commission, Dinnigan developed an acute attention to detail and an authentic perspective on fabrication and design.

External Factors Influencing Dinnigan

Textiles and design has a lot of political influence. Influences range from conglomerate international trade to the simple (but powerful) act of banners carried by protesters in parades. Politics influences textiles in the way of aesthetics, production, materials, uses, and other aspects. Governments also issue grants available for soloists or groups who intent to imprint their innovative and creative ideas into the fashion world. These grants have a few purposes; these include providing further training or study for designers/artists, assisting in funding the production of artist’s work or flying works and their designers on tours and events. Collette Dinnigan has showcased her works in many overseas countries including Paris, therefore Government funding could have been a help in the success of her works being able to tour.

Economy affects the textile industry in that it controls how much people are willing to spend on clothing. When the economy is resilient, people are more likely to be willing to spend larger amounts of money on designer labels. When the economy stumbles, people do not have the income to pay for expensive designer labels. At this time people are more likely to spend money in outlets such as Target or Kmart, as they are more affordable and fashionable at the same time. Dinnigan, while producing expensive lines of clothing with more quality materials, also has branched out to outlets such as David Jones to attract more buyers as the products become affordable for people without as high an income.

The success of a designer’s work depends on the currents trends set by other labels, celebrities, movies or music. In 2006, Dinnigan created a children’s wear collection of clothing in her boutiques and David Jones stores throughout the US, UK, Middle East and Asia called ‘Collette Dinnigan Enfant’. This attracts people who already wear her clothing and want their children to match or become as fashionable as their parents, in other words “make a statement. Dinnigan’s philosophy behind Collette Dinnigan Enfant is “To produce beautiful pieces that are affordable, wearable, versatile and child friendly”.

Many designers such as Collette Dinnigan rely on Ecological factors to ensure success for their collections and products. Factors such as the demand by consumers for environmentally friendly products can contribute to the success of the collection and also influence her designs. The attitudes that people hold towards the environment and what is right and wrong, influence fashion trends, designs and therefore success.

Designers rely on technological advances to produce their collections so they are more trendy and fashionable. Developments in technology, in all areas of fibre development, yarn and fabric production, contribute to her success in terms of the materials she is able to use. Productivity also relies in developments in technology for design. Examples of modern-day technology that help designers such as Dinnigan in terms of making their products more popular are CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture). CAD/CAM technology is becoming increasingly apparent in the textile and apparel industry.

Internal Factors Influencing Dinnigan

Collette Dinnigan is a successful designer with an acute attention to detail and an authentic perspective on fabrication and design. She has collections merchandised in...
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