Collegiate Athletes and There Injuries

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It may only take a couple of seconds for a college football player’s career or season to be taken away from him. Hundreds of college football players get hurt every year; most are sidelined for just a couple of weeks. Some players, however, lose their entire season and even careers to just one injury. When a player is not able to play the entire season, they may lose their scholarship. Standing on a football field’s sideline with an injury is one of the worst feelings a player can have. Normally, teams only have one or two players who can start at a position. Knowing which positions get hurt the most would be useful, because a coach or manager then knows which positions he needs to draft or recruit to his team, so there are more than one or two players capable of playing the position. If for example, offensive running backs are the most prone to being injured, a coach can recruit and train more than one or two offensive running backs, since the starting backs will most likely become injured during a season. Also, another important aspect that a coach or manager needs to know. If a specific position is more prone to having a certain injury. If offensive linemen are more prone to sustaining knee injuries, coaches can train offensive lineman to block a defensive lineman from cut-blocking his knees. The trainer could also equip prophylactic knee braces to the lineman to prevent knee injuries that offensive linemen are most prone to. This study focuses on injuries by players’ positions; injuries by players’ positions means what player, playing his position, gets hurt the most and what type of injury does each position most commonly receive. This study analyzes injury by position data to determine if there are specifics player-positions that sustain certain injuries more frequently. This study differs from previous work, because it is more specific to player-position and associated injuries, while earlier studies pertained more to...

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