College Writing

Topics: Race, American football, White people Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Isabella Pantoja
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College Writing

There are two important similarities in the movies “Glory Road” and “The Blind Side”. “Glory Road” is about a mixed white and black basketball team during the time of integration aiming for the same goal to make it to national championships. The movie “The Blind Side” is about a young black man who is found on the street by a rich family that help him get an education and help him find his talent to play football. These two movies, also true stories, end up having strong comparisons.

Leigh Ann is a wife and mother who invites a stranger into her home, named Michael, to shelter and take care of him in the movie “The Blind Side”. She has a strong personality that you can’t say no to, which can be intimidating. As Michael looked the part to be a football player, he was learning well with his coach, till Leigh Ann stepped in. She pulled Michael aside and gave him the pep talk he needed to succeed in football. With her enforcing words she got Michael to play the game right instead of the actual coach. Leigh Ann is like the coach in “Glory Road”, both having their strong yet encouraging personalities, they help their teams win. The coach was dedicated to his team and gave him words of advice and never gave up on them just like Leigh Ann. They both knew the potential the team had and didn’t show their moments of break down to show their dedication.

Another similarity in both movies was the racist conflict. The basketball team got together during the integration period with the majority being black players. Michael was a black teen who was adopted into a white family who lived in all white suburban area in present day. One point in the movie “The Blind Side” a white man in the stands of Michael’s football game said the game wasn’t fair that their team had a big black man playing. Just like “Glory Road” the crowds were always yelling out racial slurs to the team when they walked out to play. Both Michael...
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