College Writing 106 Essay 1 Draft 1

Topics: Alcohol, Girl, Wine Pages: 5 (1283 words) Published: April 15, 2015
Daniel Dooner
Professor Hodges
2 February 2015
Essay 1 Draft 1
Views on Women through Inexperienced Eyes
Dating a girl is not easy, especially during the years of junior high. For Yunior, the Protagonist in the story, How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie by Junot Diaz, dating women comes all too easy. Yunior uses a specific tool that helps him with ease, and that tool is called stereotyping. A stereotype is a widely held but very fixed image of a particular person or thing. Stereotyping these women to Yunior’s advantage may help him at the moment, but his young and inexperienced nature will hold no weight in the future when dealing with relationships in the future.

Edgar Allen Poe, a widely known radical author states, “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear”. This quote is the demise of Yunior’s thought process when it comes to women because it is very difficult for Yunior to have experienced everything he states. Having all of that knowledge at such a young age only points in the direction of word of mouth, this has very little credibility. His brother, for example has given Yunior some advice when talking to females. Yunior recounts his brothers statement, “your brother once hears that one and said, man that sounds like a whole lot of Uncle Tomming to me. Don’t repeat this” (Diaz 99). This quote describes a situation with dating a halfie girl, and how her parents met at the movement. This quote also explains the idea of advice being passed down for the younger generations. A simple game of telephone explains this reasoning because at the end of it, the statement has been so butchered that it has no relevance to the original.

While Yunior may use these stories passed down to him for guidance, the idea of stereotyping individuals is clear. He makes the reader connect with him through similar experiences they might have had in the past. However, he also makes the reader shun his concepts because he categorizes these women’s sexual openness by their ethnicity and race. Furthermore, Yunior permanently labels the girls he takes out. Stereotypes are a burden in itself, but every community is different, and that is where Yunior is at fault. Due to his young age, his character is very naïve. Not realizing that a woman’s sexual openness is not based off ethnicity, but instead, is based off emotion correlates with his young age. He does not understand the concept of loving a woman for more than her physical parts. He leads the reader to believe that he is just a person with testosterone flowing through his blood vessels, trying to find the quickest mate. Yunior also leads the reader to believe he is very young because the girl he ends up hanging out with knew a little bit of a different dialect. He stated that the girl would; “Pronounce with her eighth grade Spanish in your ear” (Diaz 100). This quote furthers the belief that Yunior is still very young because he is dating girls that are within the age group of fourteen to fifteen. Even if he was a couple years older, he still would not hold enough life experience to be able to explain in such crisp detail on how to date all these different women.

The Terrace, as Yunior explains it, sounds like a ghetto and poverty type community. He expresses his disgust with his living environment by the reaction of parents whose daughters come in to visit. He says, “Neither of them want her seeing boys from the terrace - people get stabbed in the Terrace” (Diaz 97-98). This quote defines his neighborhood as having a high crime rate and in America; Cities with higher crime rates tend to have lower living standards, wages, and styles. Yunior discusses his neighbor’s reactions to him having a girl over at his house. “Your neighbors will start their hyena calls, now that the alcohol is in them” (Diaz 100). This furthers the idea of living in poverty because all of his neighbors enjoy drinking alcohol. Along with the crime rate,...

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