College Tuition Costs

Topics: Higher education, College tuition, High school Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: March 17, 2014
Jamie Ratzlaff
Ms Weeks
English 121
15 February 2014
College Tuition Fees are becoming to High
“College Tuition rates are 2 ½ times over the inflation rate at an average of 59,8005 dollars” according to Steve Odland, a professor at Lynn University who received a baa from Norte Dame University. If post-secondary education were in fact growing at the same pace, as the inflation rate, tuition would be 383,000 dollars less than it is presently. Are there other alternatives are available such as scholarships, grants, and loans? Yes; however, the competitive field to receive scholarships, loans, and grants is quite difficult to obtain, because there is to many people and not enough space causing prices to increase dramatically. Several middle-class and lower class American citizens feel that tuition costs are expensive, and like myself, are taking advantage of early college programs to receive credit and lessen their debts in the future. These programs allow high school students to receive an associate’s degree while attending high school and working towards their high school diploma. Colleges have been around for centuries such as Harvard established sixteen years after the pilgrims landed on North America and Charity School of Philadelphia established by Benjamin Franklin. The style of education differs back then compared to the system we have now, however these two systems altered a tremendous amount. Although loans, grants, and scholarships are readily available, the expense of post-secondary education has lowered contingency of civilians following the American dream or holding a stable job.

Many people are uneducated, making them prone to receiving lower salaries in a given week, year, or lifetime because college tuition costs are increasing at high rates. How educated a person is has a direct correlation with how much money people receive on their paychecks and salaries .According to the National Census Bureau “The unemployment rate for someone with...
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