College to Corporate Transition

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Realities of the Real World

“If you’re not prepared for the changes ahead when you enter the professional world, your career could derail before it ever really has a chance to get started.” “To smooth the transition, it helps to understand the realities of how corporate life differs from college life.” Patsy Moore-Talbott, Nat’l Bus Employ Wkly, ‘93

Quote of the Day

“Work is just like college – except without the fun.”
- Dilbert

Things You’ll Need to be Able to Do Later in Life
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Keep things in perspective Maintain a proper attitude Make decisions Work with other people Think creatively Solve problems Communicate Adapt to change

Top 10 Personal Traits Sought by Nat’l Assn of Colleges & Employers (Reported in Ag Online, 10-27-2000)
#10. Enthusiasm #9. Leadership skills #8. Teamwork skills #7. Strong work ethic #6. Interpersonal skills #5. Flexibility #4. Self confidence #3. Communication skills #2. Self motivation #1. Honesty/integrity

“All Discontent is Relative to Expectations”

“Feelings about NOT being ready to enter the work world are common. Think back to when you took on previous challenges, such as entering college or starting a part-time job. It’s only natural to feel uneasy about the prospect of facing a new challenge.” Paul Grayton & Phil Meilman Nat’l Bus Employ Wkly (Spring/Summer ’93)

“The only job where you start at the top is digging a hole.”

Common 1st Job Feelings

Lack of self confidence Loneliness Job dissatisfaction inadequacy

You can have influence and you will make a difference Through your work Through the people you touch Through the goodness of your actions

It is the studying that you do after school days that really counts. Otherwise, you only know what everyone else knows.

Realistic 1st-job Expectations
What level you’ll start at What work you’ll do When you’ll be promoted What you’ll be expected to learn Where you’ll work (including relocations) How may...
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