College Skills Homework

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Journal 9
In this activity, you will design one or more parts of your life plan or more parts of your life plan. To focus your thoughts, glances back at Pillar’s life plan and use it as a mode. 1. Title a new page in jour journal: MY LIFE PLAN. Before the title, complete the part of your life plan for your role as a student.

My Dream: My dream is to obtain a BA degree in Health Information Management. I want to obtain this level of degree so I can work my way up to Health Information Administrator at a Hospital My Life Role: Student

My Long Term Goal in This Role: My long term goals are to finish the Health Information Management program at tech and transfer to USC to obtain my BA degree. After I finish my education I plan to get a job at a Hospital and work my way up in promotions. My Short Term Goals: My short term goals as a student is to make B’s or better in order to keep my scholarship. (4 years) Don’t procrastinate on assignments, (4 years)

Go to school during the summer in order to obtain my degree faster. (June 2011) Retain everything I learn. (4 years)

2. Write about what you have learned or relearned by designing your life plan.

I have learned that I need to get my priories together and self-assure myself that college is the right path for me. It has let me know that the biggest reason that I want a degree is so I can obtain a good job so I can have the lifestyle that I have always wanted. My life plan is to obtain my BA degree and work my way up Admission at the hospitals. When I settle down and have kids I want to work at a doctor’s office so I can have better work hours to work around family.

Journal 10
In this activity, you will visualize the accomplished of one of your most important goals and dreams. Once you vividly picture this ideal outcome, you will have strengthened your commitment to achieve it, and you will know how to do the same thing with all of your goals and dreams. 1. Write a visualization of the exact...
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