College Reaction Paper Requirements

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Whenever you have a reaction paper due, there are some considerations that need to be made in regards to writing the paper. Each of the reaction papers is worth 50 points unless otherwise noted.

- There is to be no use of the word I, me, myself, you, yours, our, etc. In other words, third person only. You are also not to use quotes in your paper. Lastly, there should be no personal references in your paper as this lends itself to going off on a tangent.

- Reaction papers are to be a minimum of 2 pages in length. Deductions will be made for each page not completed or for less than a full page complete, appropriate deductions will be made.

- There should be NO cover page. Your name, name of the class, my name and due date should be single-spaced at the top left corner of the page. If this is not done correctly, there will be a 1-point deduction.

- After you have typed the above information, you will double-space from there on. You will type the title of the article (or any title you would like) in a 12-font two spaces down from the above information.

- Papers should include author’s name and title of paper in the first paragraph

- Your paper should be 1” margins all the way around. You need to go into page setup and correct this. The MLA allows for the 1.25” margins, but APA style is 1”. If your paper is not 1” all the way around, you will have a 2-point deduction.

- Paper should be justified on the left and right sides. This means that your margins should be straight, exactly like the margins in a book or a magazine, where the margins are completely straight. You can either go to the box on top that has five even lines on it and click on that, or you can go to format, click on paragraph, click on alignment and click on justified. If the paper is not justified, there will be a 2-point deduction.

- Paper should be double-spaced. Anything less or more that double-spacing...
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