College Pressure
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Essay 3
November 5, 2022

College pressure William Zinsser’s in his essay “College Pressure” published 1979, describes the pressures Yale students have economic, parental, and peer/self- induced. He says that these pressures make students afraid to take a risk and to try to take different paths. He wants them to believe in themselves and to try to enjoy their time in college. I have been a student at Reedley Community College for two years and the pressure I experience as a student and a mother are different from that the Yale student experienced. The first pressure that Yale students and I experience is economic pressure. Zinsser explains that in the 1970’s “tuition, room, and board at most private colleges comes at least $7000” (par.12).He also explains how much pressure Yale students are under, that “even if the [student] works part time during school and full time during the summer”, but accrue $5000 in loans after four years, loans that the [student] must start to repay within one year after graduation” (par.13). Then, Zinsser goes on to say that no matter how hard the student works he or she will be under pressure to pay back all the money he used. I relate to this pressure, but in a very different way. Although the cost of school for me is relatively low, I have four kids that are away at college. Having four children needing help with tuition and books puts a lot of financial pressure on me as a parent. Also, having six kids in general, three of which are girls, is expensive regardless. The country’s economic disparity has left personal finances tight and puts me under a lot of pressure to make sure my kids have everything that they need and that all bills are paid. Another pressure William Zinsser’s mentions is parental pressure which Yale students and I feel but slightly different .It refers to the amount of pressure students get from their parents. The students are being torn between pleasing their parents and

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