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It is hard to believe that I have been in college for months now. I'd have to admit that at first I was pretty nervous about the huge transformation. The difference between college and high school is like one extreme to the other. In college some things are pleasant and some things aren't so pleasant. So far I would have to say that I've enjoyed college life because of the freedom I feel, the new people that I have met, and the feeling of accomplishment that fulfills my soul..

In high school students spend six straight hours in school every day. For me many of those long days seemed unbearable. Now I have the freedom to work around me. After a morning class I can go out for a bite of lunch or I can even get a little homework done. The fact that I can come and go as I please just thrills me. The pressure of a long day doesn't seem to bother me because I know that the next day I won't have any classes. It is truly great!

I do miss some special people that I basically grew up with through my school years. At first it felt weird not seeing the same people and teachers everyday and I soon came to realize that college wasn't a summer break. I probably know a total of ten different people's names this year and that is out of five classes. Although it is nice to see and meet new people each day.

As of right know I feel a sense of accomplishment deep inside. I have always struggled with my schoolwork in high school, so you can just imagine how scared I was knowing that college work is ten times harder. I thank God that I am doing well so far. I just have to keep it up and not slack.

My college experience thus far have been pleasant. I know that times will be ruff and that I will come very close to pulling out my hair too. Unfortunately all good things and bad come with the package. I still have so much growing in my life that has yet to come. My hope is that I will take advantage of all the experiences coming my way as a college student.
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